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Bone Substitutes

osteOXenon is an advanced product line for bone regeneration for dentistry.  OsteOXenon was delivered after a 15 years clinical expertise in orthopedics, where the same biomaterial is used for massive bone restorations and regeneration processes. The same biotechnological know-how and the same production procedures are used today to deliver bone grafts materials which can fit in the maxillary facial surgery procedures and dental surgeries.
OsteOXenon is a BIOTECK’s medical device produced in Italy alltogether. Its main feature is due to Bioteck’s Zymo-Teck® deantigenation process which preserves type I bone collagen with its native structure. OX bone substitutes make it possible to maintain natural bone’s mechanical resistance property. This is a key feature, for instance, for block bone grafting. Furthermore, thank to the preservation of native collagen, the regeneration process is eased  from the several biological properties that this molecule owns.

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