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How to use HybenX Gel
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The Advantages of Using HybenX

In your daily usage of HybenX Products in your dental practice, users like you testify the advantages of HybenX, therefore adding more credibility to its proven cleansing action.

We now know the HybenX is a non-antibiotical oral cleanser, which can be used on all types of patients without any contraindication, we know it improves the patient’s life under all those circumstances in which acute pain is provoked by the bacterial thriving on inflamed tissues – overall perimplantitis, periodontal pockets, aphthous ulcers of the mouth – improving and speeding up recovery for those tissued, may them be soft or hard, in an astonishing way.

Here below you can read some additional informations which you may not know yet about the advantages of using HybenX products collected on from many active users of HybenX products.
We thought it might be a good idea to report them to you on our webpage to give you further notions about the most efficient and yet convenient oral cleanser on the market.

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A few basic tips from Users to improve your HybenX Product Experience



Surface Preparation

Note that HYBENX® Products effectiveness is diminished by the presence of water or other liquids such as blood. Try to blot or air dry the surface prior to application. In cases of excess bleeding, HYBENX® Product should be applied more liberally to take advantage of its hemostatic effect to thoroughly cleanse the treated tissue surface.



Less is more

Clinicians who use antibiotics and cleansers often feel that “more” and/ “longer” is better. This is not the case with HYBENX® Products. Their cleansing action is almost instantaneous. It is better to leave product in place for a shorter time such as 20-30 seconds, prior to rinsing with vacuum aspiration. A second short application can still be used if necessary to finish cleansing and sealing the tissue site if more invasive mechanical cleaning is deemed necessary.



Soft Tissue Appearance

One should expect an immediate graying or lightening of the tissue coloration post-treatment. This is due to the desiccation of the superficial layer of the mucosal tissue. The tissue is not damaged and will return to its normal pink coloration within days.




Some tissue sites, HYBENX® Products can cause a stinging sensation upon application. Further, occasionally local residual sensitivity will persist for a day or so after more aggressive treatment procedures. These are within the normal range of expected responses and will diminish within hours to days.

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