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Autoscan-DS-EX scanner dentali Shining 3D

Shining 3D Dental Scanner

Among the huge offer available when you are up to pick a 3D dental scanner and unlike all other 3D Dental Scanners, AutoScan-DS-EX by Shining 3D® can be yours at an unbeatable price!
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The 3D Dental Scanner by Shining 3D® are specifically developed for the dental market. AutoScan-DS-EX adopts structured light scanning technology to provide accurate and efficient solutions for those who focus on productivity and cost-effectiveness.

As a 3D dental scanner, AutoScan-DS-EX provides an optimal data post-processingoption through LAN network and a revolutionary structure that allows easy upgrades for the foreseeable future. AutoScan-DS-EX is your own ideal digital lab companion also thanks to its open architecture that lets you share your files with whatever milling center you wish.

AutoScan-DS-EX  can be applied to different levels of dental laboratories, dental vocational colleges, dental clinics, etc. Its intuitive design and automatic workflow brings incredible benefits to dental labs and vocational education centers of dental technology.


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