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Crestal Sinus Lift

The need of a new approach to a cresstal snus lift delivered kits with sequential use of tools such as burrs, burrs stop, compactors, levers, surgery tipsinjectors, etc. which would guarantee a rather safe approach to the sinus and to the contextual Schneider membrane detachment.
Each of these surgical kits suggests multiple steps and since several instruments must be used they all look pretty much time-expensive. Plus, the accomplishment of a crestal sinus lift and its successful surgery is always 100% operator-dependant, meaninng none of those techniques guarantee there won’t be membrane damaging
The Xdrill® HSL technique also allows you to get a predictable bicortical stability for the dental implant. Xdrill® HSL allows to approach the sinus floor, detach the Schneider membrane, insert the bone substitute of choice safely in just 4 steps. This is achievable through the Xdrill® burr which notice when the membrane is reached and automatically stops setting all perforation risks to zero!

Find out the surgical kit for the maxillary sinus augmentation Xdrill® – Hydro Sinus Lifting and be shown how it works.


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