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Frank Dental Burs and Polishers

Frank Dental Burs – German Technology
Frank Dental was established in 2004 by the Frank family in Tegernsee heart of the lower Germany. Frank Dental production is focused on 100% made in Germany high quality rotary instruments.
Frank Dental is a dynamic company with a flexible production process aiming to share success with its customers (dental practitioners and dental technicians). Frank Dental continuously keeps an eye on the steady evolution of materials productions inside the dental market.

Quality & Service
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Rotary instruments and their daily usage must be flawless. Here is why Frank Dental performs quality controls on the entire production. Each single produced  rotary instrument undergoes strict tests aimed to confirm the precision of features and performances for the application that specific instrument is meant for.
Beyond the quality of its products, Frank Dental also provides dental practices with an easy and optimized organization system for the rotary instruments: RotaCard™, RotaBox™ and RotaSet™ (watch video inside gallery).

Technology & Materials
Because they are built with high quality materials, Frank Dental burs assure Dental Practitioners and their daily workflow cutting safety and efficiency. This is made possible through new refining approaches, new cutting edges shapes and coating technologies (ultra-fine high density tungsten carbide and best diamonds), together with micron optimized production models.
Thank to forefront technologies, Frank Dental defines new production standards for rotary tools.

Customized Products
Because their daily usage of Frank Dental burs, dental practitioners and dental technicians are the ones who bring best advices and feedbacks helping the development of new products. As a matter of fact, Frank Dental delivers custom made in Germany products on demand: Do you have an idea? They give it a shape!

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