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Furnace for Zirconia Sinteringsintering furnace
Furnace for Zirconia Sintering
sintering furnace

VITA Zyrcomat® 6000MS Sintering Furnace for Zirconia


Sintering Furnace for Zirconia VITA Zyrcomat® 6000 MS

Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, the VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS sintering furnace for zirconia delivers the quality and reliability that you have come to expect from VITA. The sintering furnace offers a choice of three sintering modes: HighSpeed, conventional and user-defined, giving you flexibility at all times. Optimized for use with VITA materials, as well as with all commercially available ZrO2 and Al2O3 ceramic dental framework materials, this high-temperature sintering furnace sets the pace in terms of user orientation and ergonomics. An LED light bar and freely-adjustable acoustic alerts, reliably provide information on firing progress even across longer distances. The ventilation system is cleverly designed so that rising heat is safely routed away from the electronics, ensuring long-term protection of the heating and electronic elements.


  • Homogenous distribution of heat inside the sintering chamber
  • Fully automatic calibration with guaranteed temperature accuracy (VITA Autoadjust)
  • An extended service life and long-term energy-saving operation (VITA Energy Efficiency)
  • Gentle sintering of all conventional materials such as white and highly-translucent industrially and manually pre-colored zirconia in all operating modes for consistent and convincing firing results
  • HighSpeed sintering in 80 minutes (VITA HighSpeed)
  • HighSpeed sintering of bridge frameworks with up to 14 units
  • Sintering of all ceramic dental framework materials based on ZrO2 and Al2O3
  • Gentle, stress-free sintering in all modes through controlled cooling to 400°C
  • Integrated low-temperature pre-drying (VITA PreDry) with a seamless transition to the sintering program
  • Optional modular system upgrades for greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Technical functions

  • Service and monitoring functions, such as automatic temperature adjustment before each program start, temperature control
  • Power outage protection, Lift monitoring
  • 4 molybdenum disilicide heating elements for uniform heat distribution – individually exchangeable
  • Automatic temperature adjustment upon each program start
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 2 °C
  • High-quality electronic components for absolutely reliable timing and program sequences
  • Firing chamber lined with high-quality insulating material

In order to operate the furnace, you will need one or more VITA vPad control units.

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