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Zirconium burszirconium bursdental labo burs shank types frank dental
Zirconium burs
zirconium burs
dental labo burs shank types frank dental

Zirconium Burs Set for Dental Labor

 69.00 ( 84.18 inc VAT)

3 pcs. pack Made in Germany Burs
Highest quality with an affordable price.

Laboratory Burs for NEM:

  • 1 x P.ZR21.040.G.HP
    Shank 104
    Grain type: Coarse (yellow)
  • 1 x P.ZR21.040.HP
    Shank 104
  • Grain type: Fine (green)
  • 1 x P.ALUZIR8F.HP
    Shank 104
    Grain type: Fine

Ceramic Bonded Diamond Burs for Zirconium:
These diamond burs are the ideal solutions for the finishing of zirconium in case your dental laboratory is not equipped with handpiece system providing water cooling.


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Frank Dental’s laboratory zirconium burs set box brings safety and efficiency to your daily workflow. This is due to the high quality materials (ultra-fine high density tungsten carbide and best diamonds), micron optimized production models together with 100% production quality checks.
Furthermore Frank Dental continuously keeps an eye on the steady evolution of materials productions inside the dental market. Therefore new refining approaches through new cutting edges shapes and coating technologies are ensured. Thank to forefront technologies, Frank Dental defines new production standards for rotatory tools.
Frank Dental is a dynamic company with a flexible production process aiming to share success with its customers; as a matter of fact, it delivers custom made in Germany products on demand: Do you have an idea? They give it a shape!

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