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denti e ceramiche

Denture Teeth – Ceramics – Milling

VITA is one of the main Dental Styling partners as well as the best known brand from all prosthetic practitioners. VITA has a long and successful history in developing new materials and technologies for high level prosthetics rehabilitations. In 1962 VITA Zahnfabrik was the first and...

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manipoli e turbine

Handpieces & Contra-Angles

W&H tradition goes back to around the end of 19th century and is nowadays a terrific reality. Well known for its high-end products W&H is specialized in realizing and producing handpieces dental turbines and contra-angles , as well as dental surgery devices for implantology and autoclaves for sterilization processes. See...

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frese frank dental

Frank Dental Burs and Polishers

Frank Dental Burs - German Technology Frank Dental was established in 2004 by the Frank family in Tegernsee heart of the lower Germany. Frank Dental production is focused on 100% made in Germany high quality rotary instruments. Frank Dental is a dynamic company with a flexible production process aiming...

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studio odontoiatrico di design

Design Dental Practice Studio

Reknown and leader company for the production of dental furniture for dental practice and dental laboratory, Saratoga is one of our historical partner companies. Saratoga is an Italian production based on high-level design furniture products offering technology, durability, an overall superb looking and functionality. You make it...

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