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How to use HybenX Gel
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Remove Dental Biofilm

HYBENX (“Hi-ben-X”) is a proven chemical desiccant that safely removes microbes and tissue debris from the treatment areas without impacting other areas of the human microbiome. It is based on EPIEN’s novel HYBENX® Desiccation Shock Debridement Technology (“DSD”). DSD is a breakthrough treatment for infected tissue...

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bone substitutes bone grafting material

Bone Substitutes

osteOXenon is an advanced product line for bone regeneration for dentistry.  OsteOXenon was delivered after a 15 years clinical expertise in orthopedics, where the same biomaterial is used for massive bone restorations and regeneration processes. The same biotechnological know-how and the same production procedures are used...

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frese frank dental

Frank Dental Burs and Polishers

Frank Dental Burs - German Technology Frank Dental was established in 2004 by the Frank family in Tegernsee heart of the lower Germany. Frank Dental production is focused on 100% made in Germany high quality rotary instruments. Frank Dental is a dynamic company with a flexible production process aiming...

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mini rialzo crestale

Crestal Sinus Lift

The need of a new approach to a cresstal snus lift delivered kits with sequential use of tools such as burrs, burrs stop, compactors, levers, surgery tips, injectors, etc. which would guarantee a rather safe approach to the sinus and to the contextual Schneider membrane detachment. Each of these surgical kits suggests multiple...

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